X-Ray or GPR for Cutting / Coring Concrete

GPR is a safe process, and it does not pose a hazard to people in the immediate vicinity, or objects around it. In X-Ray scanning, the procedure can only be carried out by certified radiographers and personal protective equipment (PPE) must be worn. Also, 100+ foot clearance in X-Ray scanning is generally required. Often the work must be scheduled after hours. Unlike X-Ray, GPR scanning can be done in normal business hours without significant disruption of regular business activities.
GPR is cost effective. While X-Ray scanning for a location can take hours from start to finish, GPR scanning for a location can usually be done in an hour or two, depending on the actual scope of work.
GPR can do real time inspection while X-Ray scanning needs off-site processing and developing. As a result, post-GPR-scanning activities such as saw-cutting and core drilling can be done in a timelier manner.
With all of this information, now you can make an educated decision on which way to go. We can certainly arrange for X-Ray if the project calls for it. Just make sure you actually need X-Ray. We want to help you utililize the best process for your project.
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