What is GIS

Hundreds of thousands of organizations in virtually every field are using GIS to make maps that communicate, perform analysis, share information, and solve complex problems around the world. This is changing the way the world works.
With this information, we can monitor changes, set priorities, identify problems, understand trends, forecast and illuminate issues. This is especially valuable in the infrastructure and engineering world.
GIS technology applies geographic science with tools for understanding and collaboration. It helps people reach a common goal: to gain actionable intelligence from all types of data.
GIS integrates many different kinds of data layers using spatial location. Most data has a geographic component. GIS data includes imagery, features, and base maps.
Very soon PCLocators will be offering a deliverable that is a Powerful tool for taking 360 degree images at a height of 30 ft. This tool basically augments GIS in that this data can be used to update records, measure offsets, or add to existing GIS databases. This data gives you a top down view of the locate. Survey grade documentation. Email us for additional information.

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