Safe Excavation

One of the first steps on a demolition project is to plan for subsurface utilities. If a pipe is broken or a line is cut, it can translate into downtime for the crew and lost time. Repairs take time and cost money. The numbers are always fluctuating but In 2013 about 335k utilities were reported damaged during demolition and construction jobs. When these jobs are planned correctly these accidents can be avoided. Here are a few steps you can take to avoid damage to underground utilities. Look above ground:
Even though pipes and lines are underground, there can be signs of potential problems visible when you arrive at job site. For electrical utilities, look for light poles, transformer boxes, meters, or splice boxes. Also look for propane tanks, gas meters or regulators. It’s likely there’s gas lines underground. Water lines can be spotted by looking for fire hydrants or connections on buildings nearby and also looking for manhole covers
Contacting 811 means you can request a crew to locate underground utilities in the area. Those lines will then be clearly marked so you can then formulate a plan on how to work without disturbing them. This is the most efficient way to locate each utility in the area. Any delay in work is worth it compared to the risk of longer delays should a line be damaged during demolition.
Pacific Coast Locators, wants to be your partner in safety. Email us about your project and we will locate and mark out all site utilities for you.

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