Electromagnetic Induction

Using Electromagnetic Induction locating equipment conductive utilities are located by inducing a radio frequency (RF) signal from a transmitter directly (direct connect) onto a conductive [...]

Ground Penetrating Radar

The GSSI Utility Scan Ground Penetrating Radar unit with 400 Hz antenna is used to locate and confirm conductive utilities, and to locate non-conductive utilities and unknown anomalies. Excellent [...]

Electro Magnetic Utility Locating

The RD4000 & RD8000 10 watt Transmitter and Electro-Magnetic Receiver is used to locate and confirm all conductive utilities such as: water lines, electrical lines, natural gas lines, [...]

GIS / AutoCAD Utility Mapping

Advantages of mapping subsurface utilities include: The best use of a Geographic Subsurface Investigation Site Findings Report is for planning and reference. The Digital gathering of Geophysical [...]

Magnetometer Well Locating

The Schonstedt GA-52Cx Magnetic Locator detects underground iron and steel objects such as buried metallic pipeline, metal anomalies, conductive utilities, Underground Storage Tanks, buried oil [...]