Concrete Scanner

Concrete ground penetrating radar scanning provides the ideal technique for concrete evaluation because it has the highest resolution of any subsurface imaging non-invasive method. It is also [...]

Vacuum Excavation / Jet Vac

Vacuum Excavation / Jet Vac technologies utilize high velocity air to expand and break up soil. The soil and rock is then removed from the hole using a powerful vacuum which insures the safe [...]

PCM Plus

The PCM Plus Pipeline Current Mapper 150 watt transmitter and receiver is used to locate and identify the position and depth of pipeline over long distances. It is able to locate from one [...]


Designed for rapid and precise locating, the RD4000 10 watt transmitter and receiver is used to confirm the location of buried conductive utilities. This is accomplished by the induction of radio [...]


The RD8000 10 watt transmitter and receiver locates buried conductive utilities including power, gas, water, telecommunication, and other conductive utilities. It also has bluetooth capabilities [...]


The RD8100 is the newest unit for finding conductive underground utilities including: power, oil & gas, water, and telecommunications. New to the industry, it’s the leading locator, with [...]

Traceable Rodder

Features a copper trace wire wrapped in fiber glass and is used to trace and map non-conductive underground sewer lines, laterals and storm drain lines.

Trimble 6000

The Trimble GeoExporer 6000 series GPS unit with Tornado Antenna locates utility points in order to generate a detailed GPS map of all confirmed utilities on-site.

Truck Mounted CCTV Crawler Camera

The all-in-one production camera truck unit can complete CCTV video inspections of sewer and storm drain mains and laterals as well as inspect the joint sealing of main lines and laterals.

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