Truck Mounted CCTV

A CCTV video pipe inspection is performed using a remotely operated robotic camera crawler that is launched from our CCTV camera truck directly into the pipe. Our video pipeline inspections are [...]

Video Pipe Inspections

Using CCTV video pipe inspection equipment is a cost effective way to confirm the condition and location of sewer lines, storm drain pipes and conduits. Knowing where Sewer line damage is used to [...]

Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum Excavation (potholing) is a service Pacific Coast Locators, Inc. provides when the horizontal & vertical location of existing utilities or structures needs to be positively identified. [...]

Electronic Leak Detection

When a pressurized water pipe develops a leak the water flows from the leak into the surrounding soil at high speed which causes the pipe material to vibrate at the exit point. The vibration or [...]

CCTV Down Hole Monitoring Video

The CCTV Video Camera is lowered in the well and can determine the condition or damage of the well casing. Using CCTV Video camera technology we can also determine whether the screen intervals [...]