Non Conductive Pipes – How we do it

Our Technicians and the services that we offer can help you locate underground utilities including non metallic and non conductive pipes, with our Jameson Rodder. For commercial and residential utility locating services, we’re here to help.
Non CONDUCTIVE pipes can be difficult to locate once they’re installed and buried, because unlike metallic pipes they cannot carry a location transmitting signal. Unless a tracer wire was attached to these non metallic pipes, our team of locators can utilize a Jameson Rodder to assist in locating non conductive pipes.
The Jameson Rodder is an underground utility detection system that uses a flexible rod with conducting wires throughout and a transmitting sonde at the end.
The sonde is like a beacon that puts out signals that can be traced with a receiver. Surface access to the pipe or duct is required where the rodder can be inserted and pushed or pulled through. Once the rodder is inserted, signals can be transmitted and accurately tracked to help locate and trace the pipe. Our team uses multiple tools in conjunction with one another to get the job done for you so that your jobsite is safe.

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