Aerial, Worksite, Knowledge.

HAWK is a powerful tool for documenting locates. With robust cloud-based digital documentation it  allows stakeholders to have more control over their projects. From risk-management to reliably knowing the status of a job site, HAWK brings convenient and effective hardware together with the precision normally associated with drone or satellite imaging.


Methods of Documentation

Our Bird Eye View (B.E.V) device records 360 degree images at a height of 30ft+ using the extended mast. This data provides a top-down view of the site. The data can be exported as JPEG images for easy sharing of site information, and can be provided via a web link. The web-link enables users to view all images, as well as a map showing where each image was taken. B.E.V data collection is a relative data set: it provides proof of work and legal documentation at low cost.

Level 2 processing provides survey grade documentation. This data can be use to update records, measure offsets, or add to existing GIS data bases. Level 2 requires more data, which can be provided with additional photography from our B.E.V device.

We give you the tools to protect your company.


Data Processing

All site documentation is processed by H.A.W.K and returned via email, or provided via website back-end. Data is encrypted and shared only with you. We provide the tools and training to acquire the data yourself.


Use our equipment to photograph the locate site. Photos are transferred to our secure servers for processing. Processing takes up to an hour depending on the data set.

We store your data for up to one year. After that, the data is archived. Data can always be recovered. Data storage timelines are negotiable.

Your data is password protected and encrypted. You chose who you share this data with. Data can be shared via web link or files can be shared directly with anyone you choose.


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