Competition in Subsurface Utility Locating

One thing that I tell people at networking industry functions is that we really don’t have competitors in this industry. We all share the same safety goals and do this work of locating subsurface utilities and underground utility mapping because we feel it’s important work. We respect each other and the individual commitment to safety. There is enough work for everyone. There is so much new construction taking place, along with the installation of solar arrays and subsurface trenching for communication conduits. We stay busy, as I’m sure the other companies do that perform the same type of work. We spend a lot of time driving to the many jobs that we have all over the state. Oftentimes when driving to a job site, I’ll see other companies that perform the same services. Rather than think of them as the competition, I feel relieved. It’s good to know that home owners and contractors are going above and beyond calling 811, and are utilizing private utility locating companies to verify and confirm the existence of subsurface utilities in areas of concern. Safety is the name of the game. We also help out on projects directed at those aging pipelines under the street. We do storm drain and sewer line inspections. We want to be a partner in safety. Call us, we can help.

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