CCTV Video Pipe Inspections / Sewer / Storm Drain

One of the first steps in identifying and repairing a broken underground sewer pipe / storm drain is determining how severe the damage is, and where along your sewer line repairs might be needed. If the sewer pipes have been compromised by intrusion, poor installation or the elements, or just plain age contacting a trained specialist to inspect your pipes is a critical first step.

To assess underground damage to your project area storm drain / sewer line, pipe repair technicians will typically use professional-grade video inspection equipment. Inserted non-destructively through existing sewer pipe entry points, these video tools give Project Managers as well as home owners confidence during repairs because they can actually see the extent of pipe damage. Our truck mounted CCTV vehicles have a screen in the back of the truck where you can watch in real time as the crawler camera is making its way through the sewer.

These cameras, supported by high-grade software, paint a full, precise picture of your sewer pipe, it’s condition and any severe damages within. During the actual inspection process, self-propelled cameras can even inspect adjacent sewer laterals up to 80’.

Fiber-optic video inspection provides the most affordable means of assessing and resolving sewer damage.

PCLocators video inspection vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art camera systems, which allows our technicians to freely zoom, pan and tilt within your sewer pipes, and focus on specific elements such as puncturing or sewer cracking. The video inspection equipment can be fine-tuned in the field to provide crisp, clear visuals of sewer / storm drain pipe damage.

Next time you have a project in need of video inspection or reporting, give us a call. We can help.



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